POM-BÄR Original

Snips peanut

Donuts Peanut&Caramel sweet-salty

Mexicanos spicy piquant

Microwave popcorn salted


For decades the products of Kelly's are produced in Austria. The Austrian company with American style was founded in 1955 by the American Howard Morse Kelly and the Austrian Herbert Rast and is today the leading snack brand in Austria. Since then, the brand combines Snack culture from the country of origin of the snacks, America, with Austrian quality and passion. Kelly's products follow the trend of the times and convey fun, adventure and action and the "American way of life". Kelly offers all sorts of nibbles that cannot miss at any party or any TV evening. Produced according to original American standards, Kelly's offers unique and innovative products in almost all snack categories ... and brings more crackle into your life!