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Farmer's Snack

Young, passionate and sophisticated
Young, passionate and sophisticated — this is what sets Farmer’s Snack apart. We founded our company in 1971. Ever since, innovative product development has been at our core, a fact which our technologically sophisticated products reflect. This technology is used almost exclusively to improve the quality of our products, which is the trusted recipe for success in each field of our activity. In our new production facility, inaugurated in 2011, we have an even more precise influence on meeting our rigorous quality standards, especially for our fruits. Passionate, innovative and sophisticated - this is what sets Farmer's Snack and its products apart! Carefully processed dried fruit and crunchy nut kernels in more than 100 varieties are produced outside the gates of Hamburg in one of Germany's most modern production facilities. We are an importer of dried fruits and nuts and produce high quality products and product blends especially for distribution to end users. We market our products under the brand "Farmer's Snack" and also under foreign brands. Our main market is Germany, but we are also increasingly opening up neighboring countries in the EU and in Eastern Europe for our products. A key success factor of the company is our qualified and committed employees. Through targeted personnel management, our employees are trained and trained.